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An introduction to Roswell

Roswell Head Office

We take our name and inspiration from the famous Alien landing incident in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 which many believe to be the number one mystery of all mysteries in the 20th century.

Roswell was founded on the principle of delivering first class outsourced IT support to companies with no in-house IT department. Our clients don't need to worry about solving their IT mysteries – that's what we're here for and our friendly team of experts is always on hand to resolve the issues that threaten to disrupt efficiency and staff productivity.
But that all-important personal touch is also preserved through the work of our friendly and knowledgeable IT Consultants, all of whom speak plain English. They are encouraged to develop individual excellence and to that aim Roswell invests in the latest training techniques both internally and externally.

After more than a decade, our customer retention rate remains high and our staff turnover low - facts which we believe reflect the quality of our people, the type of customer care we promote and our willingness to go the extra mile.

We are large enough to deliver, whilst being small enough to care.

Supporting charities

Roswell works with many charities and is fully conversant with the discount structures charitable organizations are entitled to. Our pricing model for charities reflects the valuable work they do in the community.

Please call and ask for further details on our special IT support packages designed specifically for charitable organizations.

By ensuring we deliver first class IT Support to our customers we will ensure we have an excellent customer retention Rate, this is based on the directors firmly held belief that dedication to customer service is the key factor in the success of any businessRoswell IT - mission statement

Core Team

Jim Craig


I love challenges, and with running your own company, there are certainly more than a few. I also enjoy keeping fit and, as what seems to be customary with directors, I enjoy golf but don't play very well when I do.

I enjoy my work, especially talking to my customers and helping them with their business's IT solutions. Customer communication is the key to having a business relationship. Building good relationships with customers and keeping those customer's business successful is the key to Roswell's continued success.

Craig Friel

Technical Director

Outside work is family time, however motorbike's, car's and DIY seem to eat into that. Not that I'm complaining as I love DIY, growing up with a father who was a Joiner kind of sealed my fate.

So after 18 years in the IT Industry there are still new challenges, and that's what I enjoy. Constant change means there are always new things to learn and work on. I'm not big on training sessions and prefer to get hands on with something in order to understand it. While the ability to remote connect to customers site's to resolve issues is fantastic, I still like to go onsite to catch up with customers.

John Brooks

ICT Supervisor

Cars. Cars. Cars. They take up a lot of my free time… well, one in particular does. If I am not outside washing her all day, then I will be trying to modify her in some sort of way. I love the thrill and achievement of trying to do something that I don’t know how to, figuring it out and then showing it off while feeling victorious at my achievement. Driving fast around a track is such a great thrill and is something I would like to do more of.

After having a very keen interest in IT from high school, the next logical step was to go to college for two years and gain a HND in Computer Networking. After that, I was lucky enough to come across Roswell IT, where I have been since September 2012, and can see myself staying here for a long time to come. There is nothing better and fulfilling than going onsite to fix an issue a client is having and building a relationship with them. This assures they know you are going to complete the job to 100% of your ability whilst taking care and pride in your work.